Friday, June 12, 2009

Three fun kiddos at the playground

Sunday we had a beautiful sunny day - the perfect day for a trip to the playground. All the other shoots I've done with these guys over the years have been in their home, so we decided to change it up and go to a nearby playground. They found lots of fun stuff to do:
0463 by you.

We had to get great swinging shots of each of them. What a big girl!
0497 by you.

And sweet J - I love this as he peers over the edge of the swing at me:
0409 by you.

And big brother, loving it:
0424 by you.

Helping cross the street:
0390 by you.

I just love these curls:
0489 by you.

Even when they got in her face - they still look fantastic. Messy hair means you're having fun! Great to see you guys again :)
0560 by you.

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