Thursday, June 11, 2009

At the Public Garden, Day 3 of 3

Look at the fun these guys have together!
0679 by you.

Not to mention checking out the baby and her bubble blowing skills:
0659 by you.

If you know these guys, don't tell their dad about this shot - I think it's the perfect Father's Day present!
0910 by you.

Catching their fun mommy as she runs away:
0853 by you.

Handsome big boy:
0784 by you.

Lovely big sister:
0724 by you.

And sweet, hilarious baby sister:
0704 by you.

The twins give baby sister a big snuggle:
0700 by you.

So fun to see you guys again!

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Anonymous said...


When I got up this morning I thought I would take a peak and see if maybe just maybe there would be a post on your blog. I LOVE all of the pictures you posted...

As usual they are GORGEOUS. THANK YOU SO MUCH.