Friday, October 30, 2009

Two sweet sisters in tutus with their handsome bro

Don't these little girls look like they're having a heart-to-heart here? Little do they know their big brother is about to pop up and surprise them from behind their tutus ;)

And this picture I can't get enough of. I love A's wink from the background, as big boy L and baby girl L give me a conspiratorial glance.

You can see their bright eyes better in this one. I love this.

And a giggly 4 year old big brother L - we've been trying to get his picture done since this time last year... I'm so glad we finally got it, and that he had two new sisters to add to the fun!

Darling, almost 6 month old A, with a great tongue:

And lovely girl L:

Cheek to cheek (and I love A's expression here, too - hilarious!):

So much fun to see you guys!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Eight weeks old, and so exciting

I can't believe it took me this long to meet beautiful little girl E. I was so excited to meet her - her momma was my Student Advisor at Conn College when I was a freshman... I love being able to give back to people years later!

So although color is never my fave, I had to snap a few in color of baby E in her costume. Adorable pumpkin!

Those teenie toes:

Those teenie fingers:

Giggling with her daddy:

Gorgeous girl! Look at those eyes :)

The whole fam:

Smiles for mama:

Isn't she such a tall girl? I'm partial to tall girls ;)

And JJ, I left this in color just for you. Those eyes are still blue like mama's!

Love this yawning swaddle:

It was such a treat to meet your sweet girl and see the new house - thanks for having us!

Backyard Halloween time

So again this year I invited our neighbors over for a photoshoot in our backyard, to get excited for Halloween. I hate how the pictures we take on Halloween night need to use flash, so I like to get some great shots before the big night.

We were joined by...

A lovely mouse:

One of the monsters from Monsters Inc. I can't remember the name of the monster! Cute nonetheless :)

A veterinarian:

A buzzy bee:

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz:

A big sister bear:

And a little brother bear:

Buzz Lightyear and his twin brother Wall-E:

The cutest cow in the land:

Penguin sisters:

Hannah Montana, with her trusty wig and mic:

A pirate:

The vet checking out the cow:

Wow, the Statue of Liberty brought her homemade Chrysler Building!

A fire-breathing dragon:


And another wow - homemade Palace Guards!

So much fun to see all you guys. I love this time of year!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crazy cool

I know these guys trust me enough to let me choose this one as my favorite family shot for the blog... I got a normal, traditional, gorgeous fam shot, too, I promise ;) This one just makes me smile so much I had to share it. I love how W is looking over at L and Mom's laughing and rolling her eyes. Just awesome.

Their house was under construction so we borrowed Uncle Mark's backyard for the pictures... until he came and scooped up the kids, that is!

Aren't they just amazing cuties? I've been taking their picture every year since they were just little guys, and they've gotten so tall all of a sudden this year.

A hug from dad:

And one from Mom, too.

Big handsome W:

And lovely big girl L.

Wonderful to get a chance to see you guys!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holiday card photo... Or real life?

Sometimes when you're going for this kind of picture:
4795 by you.

It's also good to grab some like this along the way. Because, you know, life is kind of more like this, really, isn't it?
4828 by you.

Sorry, I forgot my manners. Introductions. The newest member of the fam, Mr. L:
4641 by you.

The little lady of the house, Ms. C:
4673 by you.

And the most senior member of the kiddo crew, Mr. R:
4655 by you.

What a bunch of cuties!
4714 by you.

Showing his pushup skills:
4621 by you.

Giving the swing a push:
4852 by you.

And getting a kick out of life. It was great to see you guys again!

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4857 by you.