Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chubby toes and fingers

A perfect round little munchkin met me at the door when I arrived for our shoot this weekend - look at these incredible toes and fingers!
0393 by you.

And a great tongue :)
0320 by you.

He loved playing with his mom and dad:
0361 by you.

And mirrored dad so cutely here:
0347 by you.

A smooch from his mama:
0396 by you.
And giggles with her, too:
0374 by you.
So very handsome.
0325 by you.

And even in the land of the perfect photoshoots, sometimes photos like this...
0498 by you.

Lead to photos like this (oops! yes, that's spitup):
0510 by you.

So great to meet you guys!

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0432 by you.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boys and football

You might wonder what nine year old big brother J and two year old little brother J have in common, but spend a few minutes with them and it's obvious. They're football fanatics!
0220 by you.

Twinkling eyes and all...
0089 by you.

I loved the way little brother J wanted to do whatever his big brother did... he followed him all around and just looked at him so lovingly the whole time.
0051 by you.

0124 by you.

And their mom was such a great football mama - going for the tackle when she was directed to...
0187 by you.

Doing some spinning all over the place...
0254 by you.

And the boys spent some time searching for bumble bees together, too.
0297 by you.
Right before I left, J offered to show me his skills on the ramp - he's such a great athlete!
Great to meet you guys.

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0305 by you.

Monday, September 28, 2009

You there, prop guy - bring in the leaves!

Woo hoo! It's leaf throwing season! I love it, love it. This was all older brother H's idea - he played prop guy and had the pile of leaves all ready for us when I arrived at 8am on Saturday morning. Impressive preparation skills!

And when the leaves are dry (i.e. not wet from weather, making your hands all cold) but not too crunchy (so they fall apart in your hands), nothing stops two energetic dudes from giving them a good toss. And the devilish smiles you get can't be beat.
09978 by you.

Sooo funny:
09961 by you.

Again, glad the camera's relatively weatherproof... ;)
09999 by you.

Mayhem ensued...
09917 by you.

But that was fine with me.
09933 by you.

You guys are getting so big!
09904 by you.

And we even had a chance to grab some inside pictures. This one at the bottom of their stairs almost looks like studio lighting to me. Their smiles are really just the best. So great to see you guys - thanks for starting the day early for me!

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09861 by you.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sweet 3 week old boy

This little sweet boy did so well on his picture day - he loved playing with his mom and dad:
9453 by you.

And cuddling in his dad's arms (isn't he gorgeous?)
9531 by you.

And mom's arms, too, of course:
9574 by you.

He got a little hungry at one point, and gave me the very best pout:
9429 by you.

But once he got his point across, got his bottle and some rocking from dad...
9408 by you.
Had himself a burp on dad's shoulder:
9439 by you.
All was right with the world. Those perfect little fingers wrapped around dad's just make me smile. Wonderful to meet you guys!

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9416 by you.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ice cream is goooood

OK, so I don't know if I've ever had a blog post for a photoshoot with two young boys where all my favorite shots were of the two of them together. Little guys are notoriously hard to get in the same frame! They're fast and full of fabulous energy, and I always know I'm going to get my workout when I'm taking their picture. But these guys just loved spending time together, and we got tons and tons of great pictures of them together.

Little T's tongue in this shot is my favorite, and big brother C's eyes closed in delight after those first few tastes:
9378 by you.

I've been shooting these guys since they were wee ones, and they've since moved to Maine, but they've been coming back to Boston for the past few years to do shoots here with me - I'm so glad! Don't you love this hug?
9218 by you.

Race you to the top of the hill!
9302 by you.

Glad I sprung for the waterproofing on the camera ;)...
9346 by you.

What, what's that you say? Jess, you should really research your locations a bit before you schedule shoots? Because you never know when there's going to be a walk to raise money for a good cause (see droves of walkers behind the boys in this shot)... which'll make parking tough, and shooting with nice simple backgrounds even tougher? But you know what? I embrace the challenge! I love what this did to me here, when I dropped to my knees to avoid the walkers in the background a bit, I love the way the sky looks behind the boys. ;)
9237 by you.

And ice cream makes grins. It's a scientific fact.
9386 by you.

When kids connect with each other in a photo, I just love it...
9288 by you.

And I know you guys didn't want a family photo, but hey, this one worked, don't you think? Thanks so much for making the trek, it was great to see you as always.

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9191 by you.


I love playing with your kids pictures. They're the kind of photos that are worth hiring a photographer to take - because you really can't take them yourself, no matter how skilled you are with the camera's timer. These girls begged and begged for UNDERDOGS! until their fun parents relented:
9115 by you.

And OK, ok, pictures of the kids themselves smiling are pretty great too...
9123 by you.

One more swinging picture, sorry to have too many all at once - I just loved the toes in this one:
9104 by you.

And baby girl L is getting so big! We got tons of giggly pictures of her too, but for some reason I love her pout here.
9028 by you.

Toss 'em in the air like you just don't care!
9052 by you.

I also love to look at the lines of eye contact in family photos... who's looking at who...
9132 by you.

My sister has the silliest tongue!
8949 by you.

So fun to hang out with you guys and get pictures again - thanks for having me back!

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9169 by you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It all just worked

Something was in the air two weeks ago when we had this photoshoot. I don't know what it was, but even as I was shooting it, I knew it was all just working. The weather was incredible, sparkling off the pond... The subjects were two sweet sisters I've been shooting for four or five years - and this was the first time we did a location shoot. I was worried the mean geese would show up at our duck pond, but no, the ducks were the only ones who showed up...
8579 by you.

The girls did some running for me:
8731 by you.

And bubble blowing:
8679 by you.

And wagon rides:
8648 by you.

Even some tow rides in the wagon:
8752 by you.

Big beautiful sister A:
8847 by you.

Little lovely sister K:
8839 by you.

And then, just when we thought the shoot was over... (the girls were kind of losing it...)
8760 by you.

Mom swept in:
8822 by you.

And with a little crazy tossing and spinning, all was right with the world:
8818 by you.

The girls even blew me kisses as I was leaving. I told you. It all just worked. Great to see you guys as always!

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8895 by you.