Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three big brothers welcome a perfect baby sister

I've been taking pictures of this wonderful family for five years now, for the newborn pictures of three of the four of them now! I can't even explain how amazing it is to see families grow like this, I just love it. Baby E was born three months ago, and she's a beautiful pink sweetheart, with three big brothers to look out for her.
1623 by you.

They each love her so much - nearly 3 year old brother G (um, how did you get to be almost 3??):
1980 by you.

Five year old big brother N:
1709 by you.

And 7 year old biggest brother K makes her giggle:
1696 by you.

Isn't she just lovely? I was in love with the tutu onesie. Babies R' Us, apparently. Time for me to shop for my little ballerina, I think...
2023 by you.

So I know I don't usually blog so many pictures of one photoshoot, but I just have to show you a few more. We have fabulous individual shots of each of the boys. Doesn't G look handsome as anything here?
1964 by you.

And I love this of N as he hollers from the swingset :)
1831 by you.

And even K got some good giggles in. I love this crazy one, too.
1802 by you.

Can't forget a nutty boy tongue pic:1650 by you.

And last but never least, a chubby bellied sweet girl with a beautiful smile.
2051 by you.

I loved seeing you guys, thanks for having me!
1722 by you.


Jewel Imaging said...

Thank you for your continuing inspiration with these beautiful photos in your blog, Jess! I love the tutu!

Caterina said...

We Love Baby E!!! great familiy photo!