Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Public Garden, Day 2

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to meet three different families in the Public Garden for photos three days in a row.  I even got a street parking space two of the three days...  how's that for parking karma?

This gorgeous girl's mama remembered to bring bubbles, and we started off playing a bit with those in the sun.  I love this pensive one best.
0160 by you.

And M loved jumping around with some help from her mom:
0263 by you.

And she zipped across the walkway at one point, going to check out something important on the other side... but when her mom asked her to show us her belly button, she obliged :)
0246 by you.

Isn't she lovely?
0289 by you.

A sweet hug for Manhattan, her beloved piggy:
0338 by you.

Hanging out with Robert McCloskey's ducks (and on a sunny Saturday in June, it was tough to get a shot where three of the ducks weren't being ridden by happy toddlers, believe me!)

So great to meet you guys!
0132 by you.

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Jewel Imaging said...

Oh man, precious! I love the one with all the bokeh.