Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back to work, in the best way imaginable

Last winter, when I came to see these guys for their holiday photos, we realized we were both due with our second child on the same day - very cool. Their beautiful daughter was born just five days before mine, and I got to go meet her on Friday and spend some time with them.

Her big brother G just loves her little toes. I love this moment:
9124 by you.

Isn't she gorgeous? She's only four weeks old, and just lovely already:
9049 by you.

A sweet cuddle with her pretty momma:
9218 by you.

The tender big brother moments during the shoot were so wonderful:
9158 by you.

And of course in a pretty party dress:
8891 by you.

We couldn't forget that big brother G is turning 3 soon. I've been taking his photos every six months since he was a chubby adorable baby like his sister. And now he's just such a big handsome boy!
8926 by you.

I like this family shot - Dad and G are watching their sweet new baby girl, and Mom is watching her sweet boy be fascinated by his sister.
8973 by you.

And last of all, the girlie fell asleep at the end of the shoot and curled up under her fists... I love the way the light almost glows around her in this shot.
9184 by you.

Wonderful as always to see you guys! All the rest of your pictures will be done ASAP :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

My maternity leave, Week 3. Meeting AL for the first time...

My cool actress sister's show had a night off this weekend, so she hopped a plane from Washington for just one night to meet Sadie and see Annie. Annie was so proud to introduce her to her baby sister.
8755 by you.

Here we are in week 3, and Annie's still relishing her big sister role. Given the option, she'd kiss and hug "her baby" a zillion times a day. It's a little exhausting, worrying she's going to smoosh her, but pretty great at the same time :)
8717 by you.

8733 by you.

Ev's loving being the dad of two girls:
8704 by you.

And Sadie's settling in to our family really well. She's found her voice - gives us a good holler to tell us things, but she's just such a cutie it's hard to be frustrated:
8841 by you.

We had fun at the Arnold Arboretum today - had to snap a daddy/Annie pic too...
8866 by you.

We loved having AL visit - come back soon!
8879 by you.

I'll do one more Week 4 post next week - and then it's back to work for me! June is actually fully booked at this point (although I have a waitlist for weekend appointments, and I think I might have one or two weekdays available, so let me know if you're interested in those), and I'm taking July as another month of maternity leave... but if you're interested in a summer shoot, let me know because August has lots of times still available!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 2 of my maternity leave...

You didn't think I'd only post pictures from the first few days of Sadie's life, did you?  If only I'd had a blog back when Annie was born, I would have inundated the blogosphere with Annie pics. 

And now, since her sister has just tons of pictures from her early days, I had to snap a few today while her big sister was at school.  Look at those big eyes!
8559 by you.

And looking lovingly up at her dad:
8628 by you.

Showing us her Obama "bump":
8581 by you.

Look at those rolls, already!
8641 by you.

Wait a minute, is she smiling, and only 11 days old?  To be fair, it's not exactly something that happens often yet, but I'm so excited the shutter clicked when it did.  And, she's obviously brilliant.
8637 by you.

Last but not least - tiny toes.  Next week I'll include her big sister again, but wanted to focus on the little girl by herself a bit here.
8670 by you.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Our own little bundle, Sadie, born just a few days ago:
8529 by you.

She's alert, obviously brilliant, and in all other ways doing really well:
8403 by you.

Her big sister couldn't be prouder (giving her a good squeeze when they first met at the hospital):
8337 by you.

She's been waiting and waiting and waiting for her baby sister to arrive... and finally it happened.
8412 by you.

I love toes pictures, and here they are... my favorite toes in the world:
8540 by you.

A big smooshy kiss for a little smooshy girl:
8479 by you.

Love love these tiny fingers:
8460 by you.

And can't beat the sleeping by the windows moments...
8513 by you.

So, as you can tell, I'll be taking some time off to get used to being a mom of two.  I'll be shooting again in June, and checking email on and off for the rest of the month of May.  Thanks for all your kind wishes and sweet messages - we're all doing really well.
8506 by you.