Monday, June 29, 2009

A new sister, complete with cute toes

A quick break from the contest... I got to go meet new baby S last Friday, and I'm excited to show her parents these sweet photos. I've been taking pictures of big brother M since he was a newborn, just the same size as his new sister. He's such a loving big brother - very good with his sister. And I'm loving this picture of the two of them. We so often focus (ha ha, no pun intended) on getting smiling pictures of our children, but this one is so nice, don't you think? They really look alike here, and they're so content and happy together.
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This next one is the kind of picture I love - I can see it hanging on the wall for a long time... as the kids get bigger and bigger they'll once in a while notice how tiny they once were, belly rolls and cute toes and all.
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But I love smiles, too. What a sweet girl!
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And obviously already adoring her big brother. Don't you love the position of her hands in this one?
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A kiss from dad:
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And a hug from mom:
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We had to zip outside for a few quick pictures - amazingly, we caught a bit of sun!
So fun to see you guys and welcome your new addition. Congrats again :)
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