Saturday, January 30, 2010

New blog...

I'm abandoning faithful old Blogger now, moving onward and upward to fancy shmancy WordPress for my blog.

So you'll want to visit the new blog at the new location to see any posts after Jan 2010.

Thanks for visiting!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Perfect silly crazies

I met big brother T when he was just a little rolly polly guy - and I've loved watching him grow. His sister M is a big girl of 3 now - incredible how fast the time has gone. The two of them always have such a fun time together. I love this one :

And getting a crack out of each other is the best:

In their fun new house they have this big bay window, so the kids gave me a little dance show and we played studio setup a bit. Worked like a charm!

Super closeup of M's fabulous hair and beautiful eyelashes:

And no less for the Mister:

We had a break in the cold last weekend and got to run outside for a bit - the kids loved jumping with mom and dad:

And tumbling around everywhere:

Race ya! (Don't call DSS about the lack of coats - it was 40 degrees out, I swear...)

So fun to see you as always. Congrats on the new house!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Two big boys and their fantastic hair

I haven't seen big boy J since he was his little brother D's age - and now he's a big brother, having a fantastic time with his little brother. They were both just balls of energy throughout the photoshoot last weekend - and this is my #1 favorite shot of the two of them. It's terrible of me, but it just cracks me up how J is hollering as he puts his full body weight on D's little hand, and D's expression is just so perfect. Ouch!

My second favorite shot - this just tells the best story:

Gorgeous boy, and for some reason I really adore the lock of mom's hair that is in the corner of this frame - it shows a really neat sense of movement or something.

D getting a tickle from his mama:

And then I have a favorite serious shot of both of them...

And this one too - love the lips so much:

The boys had this fantastic antique fire truck in the living room for the pictures - really cool:

Group cuddle, with pup included.

So great to see you guys again! Can't wait to show you the rest of the pictures.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brrr! One month old in January

Brrr! It's cold outside. What better way to show how cozy it is to be a little one month old cutie in January than to take a snooze in a hat and a cozy blanket? This is beautiful baby S, and I met her last month for her newborn pictures with her family, and this past weekend I got to go back and have a session just with her.

And I think this is my favorite sleeping picture. It's a little more non-traditional, as sleepy baby pictures go, but I love how she's hiding her face under her dimpled little hand.

A funkier version of the sleeping girl picture:

Now eventually they start to wake up. And this time was no different. But the waking up faces are the BEST! I couldn't choose between this one for the blog:

And this one. Which one's better, do you think?

And then of course you have the fully awake sweet kissy mouth:

Twinkley eyes:

Mama suggesting big brother T give his baby sister a kiss "Right here..." Baby sister seems agreeable to the idea.

Big brother, not so much. But gorgeous in his own right!

Don't you love the way T is looking at his sister, so playfully? And she's so alert!

Wonderful to see you guys again as always!

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Friday, January 08, 2010

You spin me right round, baby

As I went back through these pictures to choose my favorites, tons of the ones that made me smile the most had 4 year old N upside-down. She had such fun getting tossed around during our pictures last weekend, it was the best.

This was my 8th photoshoot with little N - starting when she was a wee one of only 4 weeks old, through her six month pictures, her baptism, her 1 year old birthday party, and 2, 2 1/2, 3... and now she's such a big girl of 4! It was so wonderful to carry on a conversation with someone I've known for so long - and now all of a sudden she's so communicative, so seemingly grown-up. She is a delight, and I love when I get the chance to see her.

OK, ok. Enough yammering - get to the pictures!

This is my favorite, hands down. LOVE everyone's expressions, and the hand in the air is just the icing on the cake.

How old are you now? Love the consideration as she counts it out for me.

Almost as tall as mama:

A squeeze from Dad brings a huge dimpled grin:

Grandma and N ponder the snow...

And more crazy upside-down tosses:

Last Christmas tree shot of the year, I bet...

Wonderful wonderful to see you guys as always. Thanks so much for having me back!

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