Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Maternity Leave

I'm taking the months of May and July as my maternity leave... but I'll be available on email if anyone needs me. I'm booking shoots for June (in anticipation of Father's Day) and August weekends now, so if you're interested in getting into the calendar, send me an message and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Oh OK, one more shoot...

So I'm technically on maternity leave, due with my 2nd little girl in a week.  But the wonderful Steve Roslonek (of SteveSongs and PBSkids fame) and his fantastic wife Lori were in town for a show with their gorgeous 18 month old son, and so I had to make an exception.  Especially because Steve gave me and Annie some tickets to the show before the shoot.  Annie was in HEAVEN :)
8224 by you.

After Steve did the show, we went outside to a nearby playground and played around like crazy:
8127 by you.

Look at this handsome boy:
8188 by you.

Getting a lift from Mom and Dad:
8056 by you.

A sweet smile on the swings with Mom:
8239 by you.

And giving his dad some tickles right back:
8065 by you.

So, 39 weeks pregnant or no, today was totally worth it.  Annie was an absolute trooper through the whole thing, playing around the playground as we shot... and just happy to be in the presence of her idol.  She listens to Steve's music every night before bed - I really can't speak more highly of his fabulous music, it's really wonderful.  And so I had to grab a shot of her with Steve.  If I'm not careful she's going to make me print it poster-size for her room.  :)
8253 by you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Six months old and just gorgeous

This kind of picture just makes me happy.  I love the splayed fingers, the toes, the eyelashes - and the perfect girl behind it all!  Even the belly button the bottom corner of the shot is great. 
7901 by you.

Knuckle dimples AND wrist rolls.  Yum!
7889 by you.

It was so fun to get to go back and see this big girl now.  We took pictures back in December when she was only five weeks old, and her mom was telling me that she lost all that long dark hair after the shoot.  It's so amazing how they change! Look at her new head of hair here:
7796 by you.

So good at hanging out on her tummy:
7859 by you.

And more toes pictures, now that they're getting bigger than they were when she was tiny...
7998 by you.

Doesn't she look like she's got something big to tell us?
7896 by you.

And a kiss from her sweet puppy dog :)  Wonderful to see you guys!
7936 by you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

18 days old and a perfect miracle

Look at this tiny pretty girl getting a kiss from her dad... I love this. Her mom had a scheduled c-section in late March, so after we did her maternity pictures in February, we were able to plan for this sweet girl's newborn pictures, and make sure we did them while she was still a teenie tiny girl.
7549 by you.

And her mom is an amazing knitter - so she made her this little cocoon and hat. She was so snuggly and happy in there, we almost didn't want to take her out.
7478 by you.

The tiny toes compared to mom's fingers... amazing. (OK, so I know I'm totally in baby mode, since I'm just 2-ish weeks away from delivering my own little girl... but I just adored taking these tiny newborn shots! Reminded me of how tiny mine will be when she arrives. Amazing.)
7434 by you.

I love this, as she stares out the window:
7521 by you.

And another cool idea her mom had - that's mom's and dad's wedding rings on her tiny toes - don't they look so big? Great to see you guys again - congratulations on your beautiful arrival!7604 by you.

3 months old and what a grin

This sweet girl (with the best tush!) was doing such a good job holding her head up - look how much fun she's having:
7218 by you.

And the other baby still loves giving Daddy kisses. I love the way M is looking up at her dad to see what he thinks of the licks:
7077 by you.

And a sweet quiet moment with mom:
6981 by you.

The delicate fingers on her belly are one of my favorite parts of this picture... that and the rolls on the ankles... and the sweet space between her big toe and the other toes on her feet.. OK, I guess I should stop - I do love this, though:
6989 by you.

And a pensive girl looking up as she gets some love from mom and dad:
7109 by you.

Three generations of girls:
7194 by you.

There was a ton of love in this house! Love this cuddle. So wonderful to meet you guys - thanks for having me out!
7055 by you.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A beauty in her communion dress

Look at this lovely girl in her communion dress - she's eight, and look at those eyes!
6600 by you.

This one is so sweet - I love it:
6580 by you.

And we were able to grab a few more casual shots too:
6727 by you.

Of course, her harmonica skills were unparalleled :)
6706 by you.

And her puppy Valentina ran us all around a bit.  Great to meet/see you guys!
6743 by you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A big boy of four

I love going back and seeing little guys every six months or every year - it's so much fun to see how they grow up!  I've been taking pictures of J since he was just a few months old, and now he's a big boy of...
6006 by you.

Reading his favorite book with Mom:
5952 by you.

And looking just so grown up, I can hardly stand it!
5900 by you.

And riding the swingset looking at piggies:
5996 by you.

Wonderful to see your twinkling eyes as always!
5937 by you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Two handsome. silly boys

This picture keeps making me laugh every time I look at it.  I love the way little bro B is eyeing his big bro C - and Mom's getting a kick out of the sillies, too. 
5752 by you.

We had a great time playing together:
5695 by you.

These two guys were just so sweet:
5790 by you.

And would you believe the eyelashes?
5767 by you.

I love these jumping around with Dad pictures:
5833 by you.

The boys are just having such a good time:
5885 by you.

It was great to meet you guys - I'm glad we had such beautiful weather to capture your fun family. Thanks for having me!
5740 by you.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Three beauties on a gorgeous day

I have to admit I am SOOOoooo excited to welcome the warm weather back.  This weekend I had a Sunday full of really fun photoshoots, and we got to go outside to play in all of them.  Kids can really be themselves running around crazy outside - I just love capturing it:
5661 by you.

Here's the lovely big sister, enjoying the swings:
5611 by you.

And the twins took turns on the chair inside - what fabulous smiles they had!
5544 by you.

See what I mean? Three gorgeous girls. 
5569 by you.

I'm so glad we had a beautiful day for your pictures - it's been a long, cold winter... time for some outside fun!  Wonderful to meet you guys, thanks for having me out!
5639 by you.

Red Sox (oh all right, and Yankee) sweater photoshoot

So if you get my newsletter, you know about my client Mollygoggles, who makes these fantastic baseball-themed sweaters.  I did a "call" for Red Sox/Yankee sweater models about a month or so ago, and had an incredible response... over 80 children's parents wrote me back and said their children would love to help us model these sweaters.  It was a nice problem to have, and luckily I left it to Kati at Mollygoggles to choose her models.

After a couple of rainouts, we ended up with a gorgeous morning today, and a pile of fantastic kids showed up to smile, play and model their little hearts out:

6321 by you.

Love this brother/sister combo:
6224 by you.

And I think this is my favorite sweater - it makes me want a little boy!
6253 by you.

Isn't the back of the sweater adorable, too?
6287 by you.

Actually, all the sweaters are kind of fabulous, and the kids brought them to life so much:
6396 by you.

Can't beat sliding pics:
6444 by you.

And look at this sweet one:
6449 by you.

Our cartigan models did such a good job:
6175 by you.

And big girls with adorable smiles:
6144 by you.

And big sisters look fantastic in pink versions:
6156 by you.

And this gorgeous girl was such a sport... she was willing to model the enemy's sweater, and even look cute doing it:
6301 by you.

And this beauty didn't mind spending time in Yankees garb at all - wouldja believe we have Yankees fans here in Boston?  Ah, it's OK, we love them anyway!
6341 by you.

You guys were wonderful, fabulous, perfect models, thanks so much for coming out this morning.  I have to force myself to put these pictures away for a week or two and finish up some other work, but as soon as they're all ready I'll send you an email.  Thanks again!