Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rolls, grins and a fantastic beret

It's been raining cats and dogs around here for days... weeks now. When I talked to these parents a few days before their shoot, we decided we were going to go ahead, rain or shine, since we thought we'd mostly be inside anyway. And then there was this window of sunshine! I think it was brought on by this adorable little girl! She had the best wrist rolls, chubby thighs... and her expressions were priceless:
2953 by you.

Some tummy tickles:
2871 by you.

Had to widen this shot up a bit to show their hilarious cat in the corner of the frame... don't you wonder what she's thinking?
2884 by you.

Don't you love the wrinkles on the bottom of the feet?
2907 by you.

Gorgeous eyelashes on this little sweet girl:
2721 by you.

And she had to show off a fantastic beret, of course.
2801 by you.

Even she thought it looked great:
2823 by you.

So nice to meet you guys!

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