Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two beauties

I've been taking pictures of these two gorgeous girls since little E was just a chubby-faced babe.  Now A is six and E is four - and we spent last Sunday morning running around the Fells together.
5004 by you.

Being a big sister myself, I'm a fan of the little sister running after big sister pictures.  It's short-lived, this time when they'll follow you anywhere and do anything you want, so I like to capture it when I can :)
5012 by you.

And you can't go wrong with the classic bokeh shot (bokeh is that effect behind the girls, where the light and the trees go out of focus and become textural).
5023 by you.

And I love both their faces in this one - grinning as they run:
5106 by you.

Don't you think the company who made their sweaters should want this next picture for their catalog? They're such perfect models :)

It was great to see you guys - all the rest of your photos are all set and I'll send you an email about how to get to them.
5110 by you.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Years and years of cuteness

I've been taking pictures of these guys for years and years now, and I always love the sweet photos we get.  They have a lot of fun together every time.  Don't you love this?
4482 by you.

And big six year old L, with also big four year old W:
4684 by you.

The boys, sharing a nice hug:
4555 by you.

And the lovely girls.  I love this - they both look so beautiful with that pretty light behind them - and their matching smiles :)
4568 by you.

Wonderful to see you guys again.  Your photos will be ready by the end of the weekend!
4464 by you.

Boyish charm

OK, do you believe these guys?  They live three doors down from me, and the littler one is the same age as my Annie, and we had such fun last weekend getting adorable pictures. The boys had such a great time with each other - I loved capturing their expressions as they had a blast together.
4726 by you.

Little brother D, getting a toss from Dad:
4850 by you.

And big brother H, offering Mom a cheek for a smooch:
4878 by you.

This is what I mean - do you believe it their perfect grins?
4710 by you.

I had a great time with you guys - can't wait to show you all the pictures.  They'll be ready really soon.
4807 by you.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two giggly cuties

I first met big sister A last winter when I took pictures of her and her brother T, when he was still in his mom's belly. I love coming back to see new babies after maternity photoshoots - it's the best. And seeing siblings having giggles together, just a few months out of the belly? Incredible.
3961 by you.

Here's handsome T, wrapped in Grandma's special blanket:
4142 by you.

Here's beautiful A, after she just leapt down off the stairs. Don't you love the mischief on her face?
4058 by you.

And T's huge beautiful eyes:
3996 by you.

My favorite toes picture is usually of new baby toes, but you know what else is perfect? Four year old girlie toes, with sweet pink nail polish. Incredible.
3935 by you.

And T shares some smiles with Mom:
4127 by you.

The whole fam, with big pup Bella. It was great to see you guys again! All the rest of your pictures will be done soon.
4031 by you.

My family

So there's not much more fun than being hired by your own brother-in-law to take photos of his kids, and then throwing your own kid in there for the fun of it.  Here's my niece and nephew E and D, with my blond pigtailed girlie on the end:
4192 by you.

We took them apple picking, but the apples weren't ready a couple of weeks ago when we went, so we had to just enjoy a hayride and some corn picking.  The BEST corn I've ever eaten... by far!
4188 by you.

Here's when E tried to convince her brother that he was having a great time sitting with his cousin.  Don't you love this?  And Annie's forced smile on the right - just perfect.
4371 by you.

And here's my very favorite shot of my bro-in-law with his two cuties.  I love all their faces in this picture so much:
4176 by you.

And of course seven year old E had to show us her handstand.  Not bad!
4344 by you.

And here's the whole crew, with Grandma, too.  I had loads of fun, and it was great to get all the kids together.  Annie just idolizes her cousins so much :)
4245 by you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 months old and fantastic eyelashes

Here is six month old Z, an absolute cutie pie:
3780 by you.

With perfect tootsies:
3749 by you.

And I just love this tender moment with his mom:
3720 by you.

Aren't they both gorgeous?
3649 by you.

It was a pleasure meeting you all - I loved capturing some of Z's adorable smiles. All your photos will be ready very soon!
3658 by you.

Three cousins turn one

A couple of weeks ago, three cousins, all with birthdays a few weeks from each other, turned one.  I've said it before, but I find that birthday parties are best photographed in color.  So although I usually love b&w best... here are some color party shots.  The families enjoyed some delicious food:
3182 by you.

And they were lucky enough to kick off their 2nd year of life with some of the most gorgeous cupcakes I've ever seen! (And I just found out their mom is a pro - here's a link to her cupcake company.)
3435 by you.

And then the three birthday cuties enjoyed their cupcakes:
3510 by you.

There was the first lovely 1 year old L:
3594 by you.

With her twin older sister and brother:
3301 by you.

And the second beautiful birthday girl, A:
3129 by you.

And the third handsome birthday boy, J:
3468 by you.

And everybody enjoyed the bounce house. Thanks for having me, guys.  All your photos are almost finished!
3534 by you.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three months old, and three years later

"Mom, Dad - um, are you noticing what he's doing to my hair?? Help?" I love this moment - three year old A is being such a good sport, smiling, while little brother B has a big handful of hair.
536 by you.

It was great fun seeing this sweet family again after a few years. I'd taken pictures of big sister A when she was just a few months old, and now I got to come back and meet little B.
641 by you.

Here's the beauty at three, now:
596 by you.

And the gorgeous boy at three months old, now. Now this is wild... see the next shot below, to see how much he looks like his big sister from a few years ago:
738 by you.

Do you believe it? I also kind of just love that Mom burps the same way, even years later :) Thanks for a great photoshoot!
5544 by you.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gold Medal for Best Hair goes to...

Beautiful little three month old E, who had just the cutest hairdo ever. She started out needing a few cuddles from dad:

2741 by you.

And when she communicated to her mom that all she needed was a little more of her bottle, please... Mom obliged and we got this sweet hand-holding moment:
2752 by you.

Then the tummy tickles got some adorable giggles:
2714 by you.

Some sweet hugs from mom:
2701 by you.

And the pretty dress was a favorite:
2785 by you.

And by the end of the shoot, she was just wiped. I adore the age where you can just rock them to sleep in your arms. What's better than that? She was instantly comforted in daddy's arms:
2816 by you.

And got lots of love from both parents. Thanks so much for having me, it was a pleasure to meet you all. All your photos will be ready ASAP.
2842 by you.