Friday, June 12, 2009

Sisters, and mommy time

A year or so after college, Carole and I lived together with another good friend, and thinking back to the fun and crazy times in that apartment in Brighton, I don't think we'd ever have guessed we'd someday have girls the same age. She and her husband welcomed their second daughter earlier this year, and her big sister was very excited to show her off to me:
1110 by you.

Aren't they both just gorgeous? The 4 year old big girl and her baby (almost 5 month old) sister:
1055 by you.

Now, again, if you know these guys, don't mention it to Erik (the girls' dad) because it's a Father's Day surprise, OK? We wanted to get some sweet mommy/daughter pictures to give to Erik for his first Father's Day as dad of two:
0961 by you.

I think we did pretty well :) 1277 by you.

1026 by you.

1236 by you.

Not to mention tons of great ones of the girls:
1102 by you.

Couldn't you just eat her up?
1041 by you.

And we wiped the baby out, completely. Big sister was very tender with her when we went to visit her upstairs after she'd fallen asleep.
1263 by you.

Carole, thanks so much for having me come take pictures - I can't wait to hear what Erik thinks in a couple of weeks!

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, all three of these beauties are stunners!!! xo meg (aka the brighton good friend!)