Sunday, November 22, 2009

A sweet boy in a sa-weet hat

I got to go back and see this handsome guy last week for his 3 month pictures - and he's already getting so big! I love this one smiling with his mama and the two pups in the background:

Check out that head control!

His lashes are super super long and light - I loved catching them:

And some tootsies with a pup background:

This one is actually out of order - it was the very first frame I shot of this guy. Do you believe what a great mood he was in the moment I walked in the door?

Sitting up like a big boy:

And of course, had to include his big handsome grin:

Now this is the sa-weet hat I referred to in the title of this post... isn't it awesome? Not to mention his scrunched up smile :)

He's already so good at standing. I loved seeing this big guy again. Have a great Thanksgiving this week!

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