Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fun with three boys

Well, today was a GORGEOUS day for pictures! Normally I am behind by a week or two with the blog posts after I shoot them, but after I shot these cute boys this morning my next shoot had to cancel (feel better, Emily!) and although I'd brought my laptop for Starbucks editing just in case, I forgot to bring pictures to edit from last weekends' shoots! Dummy. But, fun for this family, because these are the only pics I had with me... so they got edited :)

We had such fun. I've known these boys since they were teenie, and I keep saying this, I know, but they're getting so big! They have such fun together:

Don't you love how they make each other giggle?

And they move fast, these boys:

Littlest brother T had a ride on his car:

And he showed me his digger (his curls this year are incredible!):

One of the twins, big brother N, was excited to show me his baseball skills. He was great! This moment is one of my favorites:

And then, after a few tries, his dad said, OK, this is our last one.. and he clocked it! Right out of the park! HOME RUN! Love dad's fist here, so psyched :)

And twin brother M showed me how he is so good at his letters. I love the intense concentration here...

And the little smile on his face he got when he said... Now the letters are going to be BIG! I love it.

You guys were fun and fabulous as always.

I'm so glad we got you into the calendar - thanks for a fun morning.

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Anonymous said...

thanks Jess - we had a blast too!! amazing photos as always!