Friday, November 06, 2009

Racing by ourselves

It was Halloween afternoon, these guys' mom had grabbed an opening off the waiting list at the last minute (yay for people who are quick-on-the-draw with their blackberries/iphones!). I showed up at their house and their mom had been working on building a bonfire for a long time, but it just wasn't catching - the wind wasn't helping. So we thought a location shoot (sans Mom and Dad) might be fun. So the four kids and two dogs hopped into their car (big brother G drove), and we all drove around the corner to a big field with some beautiful dappled light.

Now this first picture is one of my absolute favorites. I wonder if I were a boy if it'd be my favorite? (With my new short haircut, I feel like one! But I digress...)

Aren't they a handsome crew?

My favorite part about this one is littlest brother T's eyes on biggest brother G.

And I love the sun peeking through the top corner of this one. I have this same shot without the sun in the corner, but I like this one better for some reason.

Littlest brother T:

Ms. M:

Mr. A:

And big brother G:

As we walked back to the cars, I grabbed a few of the bunch of them. Now, if these were my kids, I'd print one of these walking ones really huge for my front hall. LOVE.

Great to see you guys again!

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