Friday, November 13, 2009

Monte and his siblings

I am so into this shot of this family's sweet pup Monte. The kiddos in the background become secondary to his handsomeness :) Don't you imagine it's the way every dog imagines themselves in their owner's eyes?

Oh OK, we'll look at some pictures of the kids too. Aren't they gorgeous?

They have a killer roof deck, and this shot with the Pru in the background is fun for so many reasons. Smallest sister D is so not the "jump off the bench" idea. Isn't her expression perfect?

Another fantastic moment with all three:

Hugs and kisses for mama:

Silly faces behind dad:

Big sister L, who is all of a sudden super tall, elegant, and a lovely big girl.

Middle brother E, and his perfect grin:

And little sister D is all of a sudden a little girl instead of a baby - beautiful!

Wonderful to see you guys as always.

Oh, and last but never least, the star of the show...

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