Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Playing around in the South End

I love the background here of the brownstones and the signature South End street lamps... not to mention the cool 9am shadows, showing how tiny B is compared to her parents as they lift her up and swing her:

Isn't she perfect in her mary jane's?

We went to the playground to play and had so many neat opportunities for sweet photos... B's amazing curls and long eyelashes were gorgeous!

I love this frustrated face. She's riding on a riding toy at the playgrond here, and giving her mom or dad a face to say - not so sure about this...

But within moments she was bouncing on it like crazy, loving every minute:

Then there was this teenie little see-saw that B was enjoying with her pretty mama. After her mom had a turn, B motioned me over, asking me to bounce on it with her. What a quad workout!

And even though I was super close to her (sitting across from her on the see-saw), her face was so joyful I had to snap a quick photo. It's a little distorted because I was so close to her, but I kind of love that about it - it makes her cheeks even more delicious!

Fun to spend a sunny fall morning with you guys - I'm glad we finally got the weather to cooperate!

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