Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brave and inspiring (not to mention dapper!)

Sweet J has been through so much in his three short years. His parents put a smile on their faces and on everyone around them, though - letting J's sweetness shine right through:

Everybody likes to fly:

But when we went to the park on the swings, J's pure delight shone! I love this one as he gazes at the sky and loves the movement of the swing:

He loved getting pushes from his parents:

And got a kick out of having dad behind him for a push:


And then back to the swing, because nothing could compare:

He got some serious height!

And a loving gaze at mama, "Thanks for taking me to the park!"

And I couldn't forget Mom and Dad's first baby, Rocky. Great to see all of you again this year!

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1 comment:

janet said...

J is soo precoius! nice to see him having so much fun!