Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Four times the fun

At 8:15am a couple of Saturdays ago I sent out an email to my waiting list letting them know my 11am appointment had just cancelled due to illness... and this fast typing mama replied right away. She had all FOUR of her munchkins ready for pictures less than 3 hours later. I think that might be a world record :)

Not only were they adorable, they had tons of fun with their parents:

Running around outside:

The newest addition, handsome G:

Sweet W:

Lovely R:

And beautiful C:

All four in a pile :) Great fun getting to know you guys. Can't wait to catch up with you another time!

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1 comment:

Boston Baby Photos, aka Jess said...

I got this in my email from Lyn:

"I'm not sure where I am supposed to comment about your pictures so I hope here is OK. I just saw the pictures. They are fabulous! I love the one of the 6 of them, I hope they will use it for their Christmas card.

I'm partial but still think they are great,