Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big brother and his sweet new baby

I walked in the door of this family's house last weekend and big brother S was begging his dad, asking if he could hold his brother. Almost before I could drop to my knees, toss the camera bag to the side of the room, lift the camera to my eye, these guys were just sitting together, being adorable.

I love this - a big brother's smooch:

And of course, if Grandma and Grandpa are visiting when I'm there, we have to grab a multi-generational picture:

And a beloved aunt pic, too :)

Thanks to our mild November weather, we even slipped outside for a few pictures with the little guy:

The boys had some fun lying around, too:

Here's my favorite one of big brother alone:

And sweet baby brother alone:

This is such a sweet sleepy one, I love how quiet and close up it is:

It was great to meet you guys, thanks so much for having me!

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