Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Energetic, fun and three

I arrived at C's house this past weekend to find her standing on the coffee table, undressed, doing a fun dance. I knew when I saw her jumping around that we were going to have a great time taking pictures. Her mom had mentioned to me before the shoot that C is hard of hearing and therefore doesn't speak - but you would never know it when you play with her. She's just like any other three year old: crazy! :) Here she is on her tricycle, with a mischievous look in her eye:

While we were still inside, C took me upstairs to her room and showed me her jewelry - I love this profile one of her:

She and I played some games on her couch:

And she was fascinated by my shiny lens. I love this one :)

Here we have the crazy 3 year old pic:

And then we went outside to the park. It was 3pm, and at this time of year we get wonderful shadows and side lighting at 3pm... look at the energy in this photo as she zips around:


Slowing down for a moment:

And this is one of my favorites on the swing. So much fun to meet you guys. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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