Monday, November 16, 2009

Daddy, can I chew your nose?

My six month old is doing the same thing little Z is doing here in this picture - she's chewing anything and everything she can get in her mouth. It's as if she's saying, "Daddy, I've got these teeth coming in, and they're really hurting me... do you have anything at all that I can chew on to make them feel better?... Really?...Definitely, I'd love to chew your nose."

Isn't she gorgeous? Do you believe the eyelashes?

And we had to get one in the winter hat, of course. The tongue here cracks me up:

And when grandparents are nearby at photoshoots (these ones generously lent us their house for the shoot), I love to grab a picture of them, too. The back of granddad's hand is as big as Z's whole face here!

And can't forget pretty grandma, either:

Do you recognize the polka dot pattern in this next picture? Yes, it's Z's coat, that she was wearing in that picture with her grandma right up there. And her silly dad has it on his head. Anything for a giggle! (And as you can see, it worked.) I love that you see the whole scene here :)

Giggles, a cute belly, and mama.

And then we popped everyone on the couch for a quick shot before we headed outside.

And Z needed an outfit change before we went out. I love this moment of two daughters and their moms. Everyone with a grin.

I love all the smiles in this one:

And here we have four generations of beautiful women! Amazing. What a treat to grab this shot. I loved meeting you guys, thanks so much for having me out.

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Alisa Tongg Weiler, Enthusiast said...

love the daddy nose chewing shot. brilliant.