Friday, October 30, 2009

Two sweet sisters in tutus with their handsome bro

Don't these little girls look like they're having a heart-to-heart here? Little do they know their big brother is about to pop up and surprise them from behind their tutus ;)

And this picture I can't get enough of. I love A's wink from the background, as big boy L and baby girl L give me a conspiratorial glance.

You can see their bright eyes better in this one. I love this.

And a giggly 4 year old big brother L - we've been trying to get his picture done since this time last year... I'm so glad we finally got it, and that he had two new sisters to add to the fun!

Darling, almost 6 month old A, with a great tongue:

And lovely girl L:

Cheek to cheek (and I love A's expression here, too - hilarious!):

So much fun to see you guys!

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Brian said...

Too cute! Luke is such a handsome boy and the babies are so animated.

Anonymous said...

Way to cute!!! Love them all!!! B

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful Photos and Beautiful Family.


bonnie said...

Pictures are beautiful, they make me smile whenever I look at them. The slide show is very emotional! I love it!!!! The pictures capture the love and happiness between the children! xoxoxoxo...guess who!!!

Wendy said...

Di-these r so so so special! I am blown away by her talent. I love them all but the first one w/Luke about to pop up is beyond precious and unique! Xoxox

Anonymous said...

Diane- I love them all- so hard to pick a fav when I look at each one, but overall I think the cheek to cheek is my fav- they are all so wide eyed and bright- gorgeous kids!! Congrats!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute. Love the one of the three of them on their elbows in your bed and the 3 of them in the chair.Sheri

Anonymous said...

What beautiful twin girls & a such a handsome big brother!

Anonymous said...

GREAT PICS !!! Love the one of luke and the girls on the bed smiling.. SOOOOOOO! Precious.

Anonymous said...

I really like the one of the girls in their tutus with Luke peering at them from the side. Just the first of many secrets they will share.

Ellen said...


I absolutely love each and every picture of Luke, Ava and Lila. They are amazing and truly tell a story about each of their personalities. Thank you for sharing them with me and allowing me to comment. luv, hugs, Ellen

Anonymous said...

Jess you are amazing and we loved spending the time with you!
We are so overwhelmed with the amazing selection of pictures we have to choose from. I love my kids so much and seeing them together in the photo's reminds us that it's all worth it, each and every day!
xo mommy + daddy

Anonymous said...


Oh my goodness..these pics are amazing! The slideshow was lovely...even Kevin enjoyed it:) Your children are very photogenic. How do you choose which pics to show?! Anyway, thanks for sharing them with us, and thanks for the B-Day wishes. See you soon.