Thursday, October 08, 2009

Towheads x3

It was a cloudy, icky morning on Sunday, but these three towheaded beauties didn't let that bother them. I've been taking pictures of these guys since big 4 year old twins A and W were just a few weeks old. Can't believe how quickly they've gotten so big!
1528 by you.

Dimples, love love them.
1511 by you.

And a lovely lady with twinkley eyes:
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And another lovely lady with equally twinkley eyes! Baby L has grown into quite a little lady this year :)
1472 by you.

Riding bikes in the puddles was a hit:
1609 by you.

And did I mention the dimples? Not to mention his "fireman" boots.
1567 by you.

A sweet smile in the puddle:
1596 by you.

And here we have determination personified... look at how far those toes are from the pedals, but she's still stretching, trying to make it work:
1635 by you.

You guys were an absolute treat as always!

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