Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crazy cool

I know these guys trust me enough to let me choose this one as my favorite family shot for the blog... I got a normal, traditional, gorgeous fam shot, too, I promise ;) This one just makes me smile so much I had to share it. I love how W is looking over at L and Mom's laughing and rolling her eyes. Just awesome.

Their house was under construction so we borrowed Uncle Mark's backyard for the pictures... until he came and scooped up the kids, that is!

Aren't they just amazing cuties? I've been taking their picture every year since they were just little guys, and they've gotten so tall all of a sudden this year.

A hug from dad:

And one from Mom, too.

Big handsome W:

And lovely big girl L.

Wonderful to get a chance to see you guys!

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