Monday, October 26, 2009

Backyard Halloween time

So again this year I invited our neighbors over for a photoshoot in our backyard, to get excited for Halloween. I hate how the pictures we take on Halloween night need to use flash, so I like to get some great shots before the big night.

We were joined by...

A lovely mouse:

One of the monsters from Monsters Inc. I can't remember the name of the monster! Cute nonetheless :)

A veterinarian:

A buzzy bee:

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz:

A big sister bear:

And a little brother bear:

Buzz Lightyear and his twin brother Wall-E:

The cutest cow in the land:

Penguin sisters:

Hannah Montana, with her trusty wig and mic:

A pirate:

The vet checking out the cow:

Wow, the Statue of Liberty brought her homemade Chrysler Building!

A fire-breathing dragon:


And another wow - homemade Palace Guards!

So much fun to see all you guys. I love this time of year!

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