Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A kissing fool and her family

I was excited that these guys nabbed the 9am waiting list spot on Sunday morning when it became available at the last minute - I've been taking pictures of their family since their 6 year old son A was only 5 months old! I couldn't imagine a holiday season without them.

Four year old L was all about the kisses... receiving them from her mama:
3106 by you.

Planting them on her dad:
3025 by you.

And threatening her brother with them. Don't you love his expression here? Um, I don't know about this...
3054 by you.

When I noticed how much these guys looked alike in this shot, I had to post them side-by-side. Siblings much?
both by you.

A nice moment with mom:
3100 by you.

And a photoshoot isn't complete without some upside-down grins:
3109 by you.

Look at those legs on both of them! When did you guys get so BIG?
2993 by you.

Big boy:
3132 by you.

And as we were walking back to our cars at the end of the shoot - me with lens cap attached to the camera... big girl L noticed a great picture spot, and she and her brother ran for it. I followed dutifully, and look at that. She was right. She has a great eye! (Well, two of them, actually.)
3224 by you.

Great to see you guys as always.

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rockstarmom said...
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Paula G said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! You rock, as always..I cannot believe how much they look alike in that side by side! Crazy!
xoxoxo, thank you..
Paula & Giblets

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Look forward to the Christmas picture every year!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. really cute kids and nice family shots

Anonymous said...

Love the side by side - so fun!

Amy Criswell said...

Great pics! Great family...inside and out!

Alethea said...

Amazing pictures as always...makes me miss the little Giblets even more than usual.
Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

love love love these photo's!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Family, gorgeous photos. Can I be added to the Gibbs x-mas card list this year? -- Steph, not really "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Photos...what a lovely family!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! I wish I lived closer as I want to find someone to photo my family sooner rather than later.

Melissa H said...

Absolutely beautiful family, and the photos are gorgeous!

Dawn said...

AMAZING pictures!!!! They came out awesome! It helps that the family is so beautiful too.... Now, which one will the Xmas card be?????

Anonymous said...

Great photos of the Giblets. I love the personal comments you srote about each photo.

Anonymous said...


Johanna said...

Gorgeous Gibbs and Giblets -- and those smiles .... captivating!!