Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A teenie puppy and three fun kiddos

These guys invited their friend over with her new puppy for the photoshoot - they thought it'd make for cute photos as the kids had time to play with him. They were right!
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And little sister B came down from her nap and gave us some big smiles:
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Aren't they sweet together?
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Silly faces:
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Even on a yucky rainy day last weekend we grabbed a few minutes running around outside with the pup:
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And last but not least, the boys regaled me with a fabulous concert. They'd even printed up tickets for the show... I was seated in the "orchestra" and requested not to move around... even given my press pass ;)
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The rest of the audience was in awe of the show, too. Thanks for having me back, guys. As always, it was wonderful seeing you :)

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