Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two little balls of fun and their cool big brother

Are you kidding me with these three gorgeous boys?
We had one handsome boy:
4310 by you.

His handsome twin brother:
4319 by you.

And their big fun brother. I love how they literally climbed all over the furniture during the shoot :)
4293 by you.

Then we went outside and the little guys got a ride:
4432 by you.

When big brother J took the reigns, that's when the ride got fun ;)
4405 by you.

And they all got a kick out of peeking through the crook of a tree at me - this one of big J is my favorite, though:
4500 by you.

"Will it bother you guys if I holler at you really close? No?"
4430 by you.

Thanks for having me over - it was really fun!
4453 by you.

This little one even saw me out :)

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