Sunday, October 11, 2009

Four grinning girls

Saturday was a day of twins - these younger girls were my first set of the day, and they're a big one year old already, I can't believe it. I shot a lot of returning clients in the past couple of days, and I've just been overwhelmed by how quickly they're all growing up. These guys were no exception. I love these smiles:
2148 by you.

Here's sweet 1 year old L:
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And the other sweet, 1 year old G:
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And the baby girlies together. L on the left, G on the right here. Proud of me for being able to tell the difference? I'll admit it, I cheated. G had some little boo boos on her forehead during the shoot, so I made note of who had the boo boos before I edited them out. :)
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And they can't get enough of their big sisters:
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Lovely big sister A:
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And beautiful bigger sister E:
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This is one of my very favorite shots from the day - as the big girls make the little girls giggle:
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High up in the sky:
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Come back, come back!
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So wonderful to see you guys!

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos of a beautiful family!!

Anonymous said...

love the one of L looking at G- precious!

Amy said...

They are so cute it makes me want to cry! Okay, they are my nieces, and I haven't seen them since August, which could also explain it.

Laura said...

These are seriously the cutest pictures ever!