Monday, September 28, 2009

You there, prop guy - bring in the leaves!

Woo hoo! It's leaf throwing season! I love it, love it. This was all older brother H's idea - he played prop guy and had the pile of leaves all ready for us when I arrived at 8am on Saturday morning. Impressive preparation skills!

And when the leaves are dry (i.e. not wet from weather, making your hands all cold) but not too crunchy (so they fall apart in your hands), nothing stops two energetic dudes from giving them a good toss. And the devilish smiles you get can't be beat.
09978 by you.

Sooo funny:
09961 by you.

Again, glad the camera's relatively weatherproof... ;)
09999 by you.

Mayhem ensued...
09917 by you.

But that was fine with me.
09933 by you.

You guys are getting so big!
09904 by you.

And we even had a chance to grab some inside pictures. This one at the bottom of their stairs almost looks like studio lighting to me. Their smiles are really just the best. So great to see you guys - thanks for starting the day early for me!

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