Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This little monkey's getting big!

I remember from our first shoot four or five years ago that this sweet girl's mama called her "Monk" - for monkey. As I was editing these pictures I got a kick out of how many times monkeys came up...

A little monkey in the middle:
5475 by you.

And serious monkey bar skills...
5448 by you.

OK, so that was it, no other monkey things... But then she had some fun in the pool:
5505 by you.

Her diving was fantastic:
5515 by you.

And her new puppy was very attentive. I love this shot of them, nose to nose:
5532 by you.

I always feel like the visiting great auntie when I say it over and over again, but "S, you're getting so big!" Our first shoot was when she was 18 months old, then again at 3 years old... and now at six. I hope I'll see you guys again before she turns 12!
5456 by you.

Really great to see you :)

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