Tuesday, September 22, 2009

88 weeks old (a.k.a. 22 months)

So I first took pics of this little beauty when she was 8 weeks old. Then again when she was 8 months old. And then last week we did photos again, and she's 88 weeks old! Her parents are so good at this :) I hope we do it again before she turns 8!
8491 by you.

We got to include her two older cousins in the shoot this time, and it was obvious how much she LOVES spending time with them:
8323 by you.

We went walking to the park, and I looked down at O in her stroller, and she was holding hands with her cousin as she walked alongside! Had to snap it as a pic - isn't it so sweet?
8352 by you.

Look at that headband and fantastic pointing finger:
8348 by you.

And the headband again - this time with a killer pout:
8345 by you.

Sweet girl on the playground:
8379 by you.

I think it's possible this is the first time I've gotten the Zakim Bridge in the background of photo :)
8443 by you.

The gorgeous cousins:
8466 by you.

This next one is kind of Abbey Road-esque, but I love it.
Great to see you guys!

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Kim T said...

Wonderful photos! Love the expressions that were captured.

Carrie Kaas said...

These are excellent photos and great pix of little O -- precious and PRICELESS.

Mae said...

Love the photos. She is getting so big and beautiful, and P and S are gorgeous.

O's Mother said...

You're 3 for 3, Jess! Once again, you've captured our little O just having fun, and this time with her cousins, which is extra special. Thanks so much, and you can be sure that we'll see you before she's 8 years old!

Maria J said...

Great pictures. She is a cutie!!!

Caroline said...

What a great personality - you've captured it beautifully!

Anonymous said...

88 weeks!
I love the killer pout.

Liz Michel