Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tootsies and cuteness

Sweet N was 12 weeks old at our photoshoot in late August, and (again) I got excited because she was just about the same age as my new baby girl. I always love it when children's ages match up with mine... and beautiful N was no exception.
6183 by you.

Gnawing on her hands:
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Giving sweet smiles to the camera with dad:
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Aren't her knuckles and wrinkley little hands the best, as she holds her mama's hands?
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And a whole family of toes: (great idea Holly!)
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As she snacks a bit, we took some more time with toes:
6029 by you.

Lovely bright eyes:
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And just like my girlie, she's chewing like a champion already!
Wonderful to meet you guys.

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Andrew said...

Great pictures! Can't wait to meet her in person...

anne said...

Great pictures!!! She is so cute. What a beautiful family. Can't wait to meet little Norah in a couple of months! ZAG

Kate said...

Awww... I love the "bright eyes" one--totally her expression!

Jeff and Margaret said...

beautiful photos!!!

CC said...

We met her already; but can't wait to hold her again!

lihhwa said...

I love her big and brihgt eyes. Can't wait to hold her.

Audrey said...

Not surprising that she is already so beautiful and photogenic! Such great pictures - the eyes, hands, feet and little expressions! She is beautiful and we can't wait to meet her!

Eleanor said...

I love the photo of Norah where she's looking up at the light and has a slightly furrowed brow. It's like she's just come to some epiphany. Lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I love that there are some with the family together.


Fiscal Weasel said...

She's adorable, guys! can't wait to meet her!!! -Love, Kathy

ZAG said...

So cute! We posted a few of the pics to Facebook. :P See you guys in a couple of months!