Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Summer love for a new sweet girl

Aren't four year old big bro K and 2 year old big sis F doing a great job holding teenie little E?

and then, of course, a yawn and a zerbert:

These guys were so wonderfully active during the shoot (and all the time, I'm sure). I love that you can almost hear them both talking in this one, while baby E snoozes away. The benefits of being #3 - you can sleep through anything!

Giggles and a great smile:

Both big girl F and big boy K have those deep, rich, dark brown eyes I just love:

Sweet baby E was only 3 weeks old:

This one looks like one of those Boston Globe Magazine photos that tells a story, doesn't it? I love the perspective, and K peering out the window, hoping to be released soon :)

See what I mean about those big beautiful brown eyes?

And of course when you have the whole family at the beach house, you kind of need to do a few group shots, especially when one part of the family is moving to Beijing momentarily!

It was a pleasure meeting the whole gang, and I hope the move goes smoothly :)

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