Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr. Independent at two

This handsome guy was thrilled to head off into his grandparents' back yard with me and show me around as soon as I walked in the door. It was so sweet, he was so independent right away! His parents stayed inside the kitchen door for a while, so this adorable guy and I could spend some time playing trains and taking eyelash pictures (can you guess which of us was doing which thing?)

8156 by you.

But when they came outside to play, his parents and he had a great time playing together:
8287 by you.
And check out that smile!
8161 by you.

"My parents are SO funny." :)
8280 by you.

Getting a spin on Mom's head:8269 by you.

And doing another kind of fun spinning:
8310 by you.

And of course we had to get a few inside on the couch pictures - doesn't he look handsome in his dress-up sweater? So great to meet you guys!

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1 comment:

Christina said...

These pictures are wonderful! Colin looks so cute!!!