Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three big kiddos

Warning - I am about to post waaaay too many preview shots from this shoot. I can't help myself, because the last time I saw this family their two older children were just babies, and now they've added another beautiful girl, and even she is already getting big! So I had a wonderful time seeing them again, and editing their pictures is tons of fun for me... I just keep seeing snatches of the way they looked when they were just toddlers.

So this one is one of my faves - as the three of them share a huge jar of M&M's. You know how I feel about tootsies.
7755 by you.

Don't they all have incredible eyes?
7451 by you.

Mom and her little man:
7689 by you.

Isn't the mischief just twinkling in his eyes?
7594 by you.

A laugh with dad:
7654 by you.

And the girls with their dad:
7673 by you.

Sweet girl B:
7582 by you.

The girls share a laugh with mom:
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And here's big girl O, with the thickest, most incredible hair:
7606 by you.
And then sitting nicely with mom:
7619 by you.

These guys were so good at sitting together - just loads of fun.

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos of beautiful children!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so beautiful, the kids are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! It's a tough choice to say which is my fave....I do love the one with the three kids and Bryn is sort of biting her bottom lip. Love it. Absolutely wonderful!

JRowe said...

Great family photos!

Peg said...

Being a want to be photographer, I really admired and enjoyed the photos. They really showed everyone's emotions, were candid yet captured everyone so well. Wonderful work!!!!