Monday, October 13, 2008

Two gorgeous boys under 16 months old

I took pictures of big boy R (now 16 months old) back when he was two weeks old, and now I got to come meet his new brother 0, who's two weeks old here. They are going to be such buddies in a couple of years - what fun to capture them as they get to know each other now! (I love how tiny O is actually almost smiling in Mom's arms here:)-
6908 by you.

Two handsome boys:
6851 by you.

Here's big boy R, offering his tiny brother a bite of his snack:
6863 by you.

Getting a toss from dad:
6917 by you.

And here's sweet tiny O:
6933 by you.

Do you believe the dimple? Love it. So great to see you guys and to meet little O. Thanks so much - your photos are just about ready.
6941 by you.

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