Friday, October 24, 2008

The beach in New England in October? Why not!

So we've been trying to find a time to take these pictures since this summer - and as time passed, we'd almost given up on the idea of taking the pictures at the beach. But lo and behold, last Sunday was unseasonably warm, so we lucked out and had a blast at the beach with these pretty ladies:
9028 by you.

They're just so sweet together.
8988 by you.

I love how much fun they have together.
9130 by you.

And not many of my shoots include a fashion sunglasses pouting shot:
9113 by you.

And with their beautiful mama:
9133 by you.

And then at the end they let loose and went wading in the water - splashing each other and having fun. I loved taking these pictures, guys - a pleasure to see you as always!
9223 by you.

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