Thursday, October 23, 2008

Two girls welcome their beautiful new sister

We got so many sweet shots of this family, more posed than this - but this one is my favorite. I especially love baby A's expression here as her sister tickles her toes:
8919 by you.

And as my mother would say, in age-icological order... big girl C, who's four now:
8946 by you.

And sweet two year old E:
8950 by you.

And little A, at just seven weeks:
8827 by you.

The three girls together:
8793 by you.

And when I noted (aloud) that little A wasn't smiling as big as the other two, they both decided to help her learn. Hehe :)
So wonderful to see you guys and meet little A for the first time.
8811 by you.

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