Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big girl with fabulous expressions

Little D's aunt gave her mom a gift certificate this photoshoot about a year ago when she was first born, and her mom saved it until last week. I got to spend some time playing with D in her room - where she went from the sweetest smile ever:
7619 by you.

To, moments later, total breakdown. This is the BEST part of photographing toddlers - how hilarious (sorry D - not to laugh at your anguish!) it is when their moods change so uber-quickly. I'd love to see these two photos framed and hung together.
7623 by you.

Being a big girl on mommy's knee:
7538 by you.

And outside swinging in her beloved swing:
7661 by you.

I love both their smiles in this one. Great to meet you guys - all your photos are just about ready!
7677 by you.

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