Thursday, April 09, 2009

Three beauties on a gorgeous day

I have to admit I am SOOOoooo excited to welcome the warm weather back.  This weekend I had a Sunday full of really fun photoshoots, and we got to go outside to play in all of them.  Kids can really be themselves running around crazy outside - I just love capturing it:
5661 by you.

Here's the lovely big sister, enjoying the swings:
5611 by you.

And the twins took turns on the chair inside - what fabulous smiles they had!
5544 by you.

See what I mean? Three gorgeous girls. 
5569 by you.

I'm so glad we had a beautiful day for your pictures - it's been a long, cold winter... time for some outside fun!  Wonderful to meet you guys, thanks for having me out!
5639 by you.

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Angela said...

What great pictures. Great emotion!