Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cloth diapers and giggles

So I was a faithful cloth diaper-er with Annie when she was little (thanks in large part to my wonderful laundry-doing husband), and that was before Salina Gonzalez opened the amazing Diaper Lab shop in Somerville. If only they'd had their shop a few years earlier, I would have been a faithful customer... cloth diapers have come so far since the days of pins and plastic covers...

So, long story short, with my babe on the way I realized I needed to invest in some newborn-size cloth diapers (we used a service with Annie was tiny, and so we didn't own our first teenie diapers). I got in touch with Salina, and the rest is history! She and her husband have two cuties in diapers...
4875 by you.

And they have fabulous, incredible energy. The rodeo hat on E here is my favorite:
4941 by you.

Here's big girl S getting a tickle from mom:
4993 by you.

And E, showing us how races start at his house:
4980 by you.

And settling down for a bottle after pictures. Wonderful to get to meet your family!
5064 by you.

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