Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh OK, one more shoot...

So I'm technically on maternity leave, due with my 2nd little girl in a week.  But the wonderful Steve Roslonek (of SteveSongs and PBSkids fame) and his fantastic wife Lori were in town for a show with their gorgeous 18 month old son, and so I had to make an exception.  Especially because Steve gave me and Annie some tickets to the show before the shoot.  Annie was in HEAVEN :)
8224 by you.

After Steve did the show, we went outside to a nearby playground and played around like crazy:
8127 by you.

Look at this handsome boy:
8188 by you.

Getting a lift from Mom and Dad:
8056 by you.

A sweet smile on the swings with Mom:
8239 by you.

And giving his dad some tickles right back:
8065 by you.

So, 39 weeks pregnant or no, today was totally worth it.  Annie was an absolute trooper through the whole thing, playing around the playground as we shot... and just happy to be in the presence of her idol.  She listens to Steve's music every night before bed - I really can't speak more highly of his fabulous music, it's really wonderful.  And so I had to grab a shot of her with Steve.  If I'm not careful she's going to make me print it poster-size for her room.  :)
8253 by you.

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