Tuesday, April 14, 2009

18 days old and a perfect miracle

Look at this tiny pretty girl getting a kiss from her dad... I love this. Her mom had a scheduled c-section in late March, so after we did her maternity pictures in February, we were able to plan for this sweet girl's newborn pictures, and make sure we did them while she was still a teenie tiny girl.
7549 by you.

And her mom is an amazing knitter - so she made her this little cocoon and hat. She was so snuggly and happy in there, we almost didn't want to take her out.
7478 by you.

The tiny toes compared to mom's fingers... amazing. (OK, so I know I'm totally in baby mode, since I'm just 2-ish weeks away from delivering my own little girl... but I just adored taking these tiny newborn shots! Reminded me of how tiny mine will be when she arrives. Amazing.)
7434 by you.

I love this, as she stares out the window:
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And another cool idea her mom had - that's mom's and dad's wedding rings on her tiny toes - don't they look so big? Great to see you guys again - congratulations on your beautiful arrival!7604 by you.

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