Thursday, April 16, 2009

Six months old and just gorgeous

This kind of picture just makes me happy.  I love the splayed fingers, the toes, the eyelashes - and the perfect girl behind it all!  Even the belly button the bottom corner of the shot is great. 
7901 by you.

Knuckle dimples AND wrist rolls.  Yum!
7889 by you.

It was so fun to get to go back and see this big girl now.  We took pictures back in December when she was only five weeks old, and her mom was telling me that she lost all that long dark hair after the shoot.  It's so amazing how they change! Look at her new head of hair here:
7796 by you.

So good at hanging out on her tummy:
7859 by you.

And more toes pictures, now that they're getting bigger than they were when she was tiny...
7998 by you.

Doesn't she look like she's got something big to tell us?
7896 by you.

And a kiss from her sweet puppy dog :)  Wonderful to see you guys!
7936 by you.

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Whitney said...

These are so great...we love them!
W & C