Friday, August 21, 2009

10 day old tiny toes

Last Saturday I had three newborn shoots in a row - this was my 3rd one of the day. I love little patterns in my schedule... and before I tell you about this wonderful family, I had to share. (You can scroll down the blog to see the other two newborns from that day.) So my first shoot was with a two week old baby, and there were two children in the family. Then my second shoot was with a three week old baby, and there were three children in the family. And now this last shoot of the day was a ten day old baby, (no... they didn't have ten children!) but if I round down to one week, they fit my little pattern because just had one baby in their family. OK, too much talk, not enough pictures. Sorry :)

These guys were given a gift certificate for their first shoot by a great friend (a.k.a. Auntie Kath), and I'm so excited to show them all the pictures! Here's a toesie kiss. Look at those tiny legs!

3698 by you.

And cradled in dad's bicep, showing off his own bicep :)
3829 by you.

3761 by you.

Beautiful, all around.
3806 by you.

And I always know when I'm in a mellow dog family when they let their pup (the first baby) give the new baby smooches. Now that's true love.
3773 by you.

I love how tiny he looks here on the bed, legs crossed:
3738 by you.

And that startle reflex that goes away so quickly! Glad we caught it here.
3766 by you.

Handsome dude.
3795 by you.

See that Dad is holding the binkie in this shot? Can you just hear the *POP* noise it made as it was extracted from C's mouth?
3834 by you.

So great to meet you guys. Hope to see you again soon! Thanks again, Auntie Kath!

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Auntie Kath said...

How am I suppose to get any work done when I'm going to be staring at the pics all day?!

Jess, as always, beautiful shots.You are so talented, by friend.

And this baby? Well, I might be biased but he's one hell of a looker! I can't wait to see the rest of the shots!

katie travers said...

Amazing photos of an amazing family. xoxo