Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two giggly cuties

I first met big sister A last winter when I took pictures of her and her brother T, when he was still in his mom's belly. I love coming back to see new babies after maternity photoshoots - it's the best. And seeing siblings having giggles together, just a few months out of the belly? Incredible.
3961 by you.

Here's handsome T, wrapped in Grandma's special blanket:
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Here's beautiful A, after she just leapt down off the stairs. Don't you love the mischief on her face?
4058 by you.

And T's huge beautiful eyes:
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My favorite toes picture is usually of new baby toes, but you know what else is perfect? Four year old girlie toes, with sweet pink nail polish. Incredible.
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And T shares some smiles with Mom:
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The whole fam, with big pup Bella. It was great to see you guys again! All the rest of your pictures will be done soon.
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Grandma Barbara said...

I am Grandma Barbara, aka the Southern Grammy. Since I live so far away from my beautiful young grandchildren, I have been patiently waiting for some new picture. Fortunately right on our wedding anniversary, Grandma Catherine sent us some great photos in the mail. Those photos were the best 43rd anniversary gift I could have ever received. Now these photos come along and I am loving them. I am thrilled and forever thankful to God for the blessings he has given Mike and I.
Love to all.