Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two beauties

I've been taking pictures of these two gorgeous girls since little E was just a chubby-faced babe.  Now A is six and E is four - and we spent last Sunday morning running around the Fells together.
5004 by you.

Being a big sister myself, I'm a fan of the little sister running after big sister pictures.  It's short-lived, this time when they'll follow you anywhere and do anything you want, so I like to capture it when I can :)
5012 by you.

And you can't go wrong with the classic bokeh shot (bokeh is that effect behind the girls, where the light and the trees go out of focus and become textural).
5023 by you.

And I love both their faces in this one - grinning as they run:
5106 by you.

Don't you think the company who made their sweaters should want this next picture for their catalog? They're such perfect models :)

It was great to see you guys - all the rest of your photos are all set and I'll send you an email about how to get to them.
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